Centralized Headquarter

Centralized Headquarter Auto Detailing Services

Commit your company fleet vehicles and your dealership inventory today and send them to one of our centralized headquarters for full service detailing!

Headquarters Location:

3220 W. Pinecrest Dr., Marshall, TX 75671

  • Pinstriping

  • New Car Prep Services

  • FDA (Full Detail with A.I.R.S.):

    • Degrease Engine and Hood - Clean All Door Jambs and Hinges
    • Remove Bugs and Tar From Finish - Wash And Wax Exterior
    • Vacuum and Extract Interior - Clean and Polish Wheels
    • Black-out Treatment to Wheelwells - Clean All Trim and Panels
    • Clean All Glass, Inside and Out - Protective Plastic on Carpets
    • A.I.R.S. is a thorough restoration process that eliminates:
      • Cigarette burns - Tears and Cuts - Holes and Punctures
      • Scratches and Gouges - Stains and Fading
      • Includes any necessary re-dye
    • All Repairs meet OEM Standards
      • Same color - Same texture and sheen
    • A.I.R.S. (Automotive Interior Restoration Service)
      Professional repair & recoloring of Leather,
      Vinyl,Fabric, & Plastics:
      • Mini Detail (ECU + engine cleaning)
      • Quick Wash
      • Show Room Prep
      • Paint Protection Films
      • Appearance Protection Coatings
      • Window Tint

      Why Should You Use A.I.R.S.?

      • A.I.R.S.
        • Enhances your reputation for carrying clean, quality cars!
        • ALL vehicles in your inventory are ready for sale.
    • Clean For Delivery

      • Remove Manufacturing Plastics
      • Wash and Hand Dry
      • Vacuum Carpets, Seats, Mats, and Trunk
      • All Glass Cleaned, Inside and Out
      • Dealership Identification Applied if needed
      • Dress Tires
      • Wipedown Door Panels, Dashboard, Console, & Trim
      • Sales Sticker Placed in Glove Box
    • Express Clean Up

    • Mini Detail (ECU + Engine Cleaning

    • Show Room Prep

    • Appearance Protection Coatings

    • DrivePur Antibacterial Protection

      • DrivePur Odor and Germ Elimination/Protection Service:
        • Contaminant Elimination by Oxidation:
          • DrivePur's oxidizing agents, even stronger
            than chlorine, ozone, and peroxide, are
            powerful disinfecting agents, oxidizing cells
            of microorganisms and eliminating their
            negative potential.
        • Deodorizing:
          • Hydroxyl radicals breakdown volatile
            organic compounds (VOCs), destroying
            molecular bonds, making the air you
            breath fresher. Eliminate the odor
            molecules of tobacco, formaldehyde,
            nitrogen dioxide, urine, and
            fecal odor, gasoline smell, &
            many other offensive and
            harmful pollutants.
        • Elimination of Bio-Pollution:
          • Titanium Dioxide's oxidation affects
            single-celled organisms, including
            Bacteria and fungus and destroys

TX: 903-935-2885